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Constituția Sexului în România

(Publicat inițial pe Strada Democrației pe 26 iunie 2017) Pe 25 iunie 2017 s-a încheiat Pride Month în Toronto, ce a culminat cu anualul Pride March. Este pentru a doua oară în istoria Canadei când un șef de guvern participă la … Continue reading

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The price of everything

"Every day we commit to buying goods and services without paying careful attention to their cost. In 2009, the HP DeskJet D2530 printer might have seemed a steal at $39.99. But the price, displayed prominently on the HP Web site, … Continue reading

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Happy 200 Birthday Karl Marx!

As I write this our building has been without electricity for 14 hours. We have a generator that powers one elevator and basic security systems. At the same time, across the street, the corporate buildings have had the lights on … Continue reading

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Imperial chief executives

From The evolution of everything – how new ideas emerge (2015) by Matt Ridley: >> The Great Man theory lives on as strongly as ever in one field of human endeavour: big business. Even in the age of the internet, … Continue reading

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What Money Can’t Buy

What Money Can’t Buy is a six part series exploring the role of money and morals in today’s world. Everybody must watch this, especially lovers of unbridled capitalism.

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On Modern Anxiety

As quoted by Steven Pinker in Enlightenment Now: >> Here is our modern avatar of anxiety, Woody Allen, playing out the 20th-century generational divide in a conversation with his parents in Hannah and Her Sisters (1986): MICKEY: Look, you’re getting … Continue reading

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THE GREAT AMERICAN THEFT and How to Transform the Retirement Security in the US

Photo by: Ian Sane Journalist Megan McArdle published an article in January 2017 titled The 401(k) Problem We Refuse to Solve. Link:  If the link happens to be broken, you can find it after this article.  Takeaway ideas from … Continue reading

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