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I wrote my first Sci-Fi novel in 22 days

Attention nerds and nerdettes! I have just finished my first sci-fi-ish satire-ish novel in 22 days. It’s called Hyperworld_01_Awakening and it’s about the emergence of Artificial Superintelligence and its immediate aftermath. It has real science, real nerd jokes, and hard-core … Continue reading

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Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now – by Jaron Lanier (2018)

Not that this book has changed my opinion of social media. I am glad someone took the trouble to articulate the problems. I have, however, already reduced drastically my presence on social media. Link to book: The Ten Arguments … Continue reading

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From Ethics in the real world : 86 brief essays on things that matter WHEN I TEACH PRACTICAL ETHICS, I encourage my students to take the arguments we discuss outside the classroom and talk to friends and family about them. … Continue reading

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