Happy 200 Birthday Karl Marx!

As I write this our building has been without electricity for 14 hours. We have a generator that powers one elevator and basic security systems. At the same time, across the street, the corporate buildings have had the lights on continuously throughout the night, while the rest of the surrounding area was plunged in darkness. I suppose the corporatists needed electricity for “business continuity” as opposed to what, “decent living continuity” for the rest of us the off-work-breathing-humans? While our frozen chicken is slowly melting, and some medicine is transferred to the party-room fridges (operational just for this purpose, as per building management, for our convenience), the corporate offices can safely thrive even during the weekend.

Somebody said Marx was right in everything he said about capitalism, and was wrong in everything he said about communism.

Candle power!


A libertarian Marxist

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