What kept us apart?

What kept us apart when our thoughts were playfully knitting bridges to each other?

Coloration of glass pyramids with minerals from our transparent bones.

Cones of hands clapping for the erection of a mausoleum of hydrogen in their honor.

Snails jumping ballet, wagging tails and slurping ale.

Microchips with onion and grapevines with hot Tabasco for all those who cy of hunger, who sigh with anger, it’s getting stranger and darker, slice from the moon eaten by mice.

Rice in the tubes of the largest organ in the Galaxy, I play Bach and it fills the cosmos with jambalaya.

It’s hot on Himalaya, ice has taken a sick day off, I cut the legs from my piano and put them on the bonfire, before the sunset, before desire will expire.

Heart easily broken, like hammer through porcelain, Lord Chamberlain brings me red wine on a platter, does it matter who’s a quitter, who’s a plotter, what makes us stutter?

Saxophone on the phone, jazz me by the second, wipe my cheeks with Chablis, I see your forms curbing smoothly like undressed horns.

Shoot revolutions down the chute, a parachute for cylindrical ideas of freedom.

Troops armed with flutes and vegetables, a culinary symphonic wardrobe.

Miscellaneous rubicund turned around to see a statue from behind.

She’s thinking now, kneeling next to her dolls, what rain brought this man, what vein brought this blood, what heart pumped this art of bewilderment.

A dime for the heroes, Mister. Clerks from the past carry forward the mast of overdrafts.

Take care of my children, buy them new boots, let them ride the deer and laugh at the elephant, wash their hair, give them birds and air.

Your Honor, the crotch is narrowing, the warships cannot go through, pirates are throwing rocks from the cliffs, it’s fog in Cardiff, the lads are mumbling mouth full of cheese cake, rebels awake, we take the rakes, Jesus saves, we unplug and bury the log.

Geniuses, one after the another, wash their laundry tampered with robotic benign squirrels, barrels full with fermented equations.

About Vlad Bunea

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